Inside Email Open Rates: Timing Is Everything

No matter how much technology has changed your business, you still have to keep in touch with your customers. Email communications–whether newsletters, email blasts or simple check-ins–are effective ways of building brand awareness and loyalty. Gathering email addresses is key, and if you send out a quarterly newsletter you’re really going that extra mile. But research shows that there’s a right way and a right time to check in with your real estate contacts.

According to data from sources like Hubspot and Inman News, there are certain times of day and certain days of the week where contacting people as part of your email campaign is optimal. According to the data:

– Sunday is the worst open rate day
– Thursday is the best, followed by Wednesday and Tuesday
– Between 2 and 4 p.m. is the best time to send
– Between 4 and 9 a.m. is the worst

Some of these figures might seem obvious. Who wants to open a marketing email on Sunday? But what you’re seeing here is the fact that your marketing email is competing with work emails (which pile up on Monday mornings) and personal emails (which might come through more on the weekends). Also, mornings are busy and productive times for people, making them more likely to open something that rolls later in the afternoon.

The above covers the right “time,” but what about the right way? Email boxes are literally flooded these days with spam, Facebook notifications and other nonsense. Everyone’s email tolerance has worn thin over the years. Therefore, you want to make sure you’re sending your mailing list something useful that they’ll open, read and with any luck click.

Check back with us soon for effective email campaign tips.