Consumer Wallets Are Lighter. Are You in on the Trend?

by Brandon Barker

Every month, you have to make major decisions for your business: where your ad money goes, where to invest, where to allocate resources. No one can predict the future, but staying on top of marketplace trends can help you make the smartest moves.

SurveyMonkey Audience has partnered with investment research firm Blueshift Research to deliver free monthly reports that track consumer trends affecting the business world.

The Trends Tracker Report surveys a network of consumers on a wide spectrum of topics including elections, real estate, technology, finance, and more. All of that data goes into an accessible report that helps you keep tabs on issues that could make the difference between a good month and a not-so-good one.

This month, we surveyed 1,093 US consumers on 20 topics, including voting, home buying, technology, TV services, drug laws and medical robots. What did we learn from the latest report? Mobile wallets are seriously clicking.

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