Are You Taking Advantage of LinkedIn?

Are you missing something in your social marketing? You direct so much time and attention to your Facebook, Twitter and blog–probably because everyone you know is constantly updating, sharing, posting and promoting on those pages. And there’s nothing wrong with this at all. But don’t forget that LinkedIn account gathering dust, because colleagues and prospects are checking that as well.

Recently, Inman News published its 5 rules for LinkedIn Lead Generation, which lists its recommended rules for making the most of this underutilized social network,

AGBeat has a nice feature on what you should and should not be doing on your LinkedIn account. In a nutshell, you should treat it like a marketing web site that requires a certain amount of maintenance and updating, yet the nature of LinkedIn is slightly drier and more focused on professional networking. In other words, this is not the place to post some of the content you might be promoting on Facebook and Twitter, but items with a little more of an industry bent. Some highlights of the article include:

Upload a professional photo. This isn’t Facebook. Having a picture of a flower or your dog isn’t going to cut it. Your front photo should be a professional-looking photo of yourself. This is a more formal site, and your picture should be chosen accordingly.

Don’t use LinkedIn like Facebook and Twitter. This is not a casual forum and you don’t want to post things that are irrelevant to your industry. Post items that people in your network will want to know about and focus on building your brand and professional presence. That’s what the site is used for.

From a broad perspective, each of your social networking channels serves a specified purpose, whether quick thoughts (Twitter), photos and text (Facebook), longer keyword based content (WordPress, Blogger, Joomla), video (YouTube), and so on. Consider LinkedIn a place that needs some storefront upkeep, but with a different approach. This is a place to develop your brand and business.