Google Analytics has always been a useful tool for gauging your site numbers. How many people visited last week? Who came via search? What’s your bounce rate? But soon Google will be rolling out new benchmark reports where you can review metrics by channel, location, or device across 1,600 industries and 1,250 markets. According to the company:

Analytics users can now compare their results to peers in their industry, choosing from 1600 industry categories, 1250 markets and 7 size buckets. Benchmarking leverages the footprint of Google Analytics and can help you set meaningful targets, spot trends occurring across industries and answer a whole array of questions: Which channels should you be investing more in? How does your mobile engagement compare to your peers? How unique is your audience?

This can be extremely helpful when trying to measure your brand equity, or brand power, and how it puts your company ahead.

Image credit: Searchengineland.

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