Last week, Google announced that it would be changing its search to tag mobile-friendly sites. Now Facebook has announced algorithm changes based on surveys from users who wanted to see more of their friends’ content on news feeds. Whether you’re simply a user of Facebook or internet marketer, this will be of interest.

1. You can now see multiple posts in a row from a single friend. Facebook prevented this from happening in the past (not sure why) but Facebook users who did not have a large friend network will now have access to more content.

2. Content from friends will take priority over news feeds and publisher content.

3. Content that friends have liked or commented on will be hidden further down, since users complained about this. I guess people want to see content their friends’ post but not content they comment on.

All in all, this will be a benefit to the Facebook user as opposed to the marketer on Facebook, but in the long run it will satisfy the Facebook audience and ensure its marketing platform for advertisers.